Crystal Housing Group

Crystal Estates operates with offices across London and has a portfolio in excess of £100m. The launch of the Crystal Housing Group website was the spearhead of their aggressive growth initiative for 2017.
– Spearheaded an aggressive growth initiative for a real estate group, enabled securing of contracts with Local Housing Authorities and drove sales of guaranteed rental products.
– Delivered a unified digital solution that raised brand credibility, met the needs of the users and goals of the business stakeholder vision.
– Delivered a mission-critical user-centric digital solution that established the group’s visual brand identity and met business goals.
– Developed a bespoke site that optimised the customer journey, visual design that enhanced value propositions and content strategy that transformed users into customers.
– Championed customer acquisition through innovation, created the industry’s first Guarantee Rent Calculator using Postcode search queries, thereby Crystal’s vision and key competitive strategy was realised.