Digital Shorts

Short videos on digital business with insights into my process and quick tips.

My 3 phased approach to digital transformation projects.

Client facilitation exercises: simple, fast and effective. Key to delivering digital solutions that meet business objectives.

I call the first phase of my digital transformation process - Knowing Your Client. This stage can lead to many substantial benefits for the client, professional development, and further income streams.

Effective visual media for your growth marketing campaign. For a successful growth hack, one must make sure all efforts on content creation will deliver your proposition at the heart of the target audience for maximum effect. Choosing the right visual media will have a lasting impact helping to maintain the ROI your clients' dream about.

Customer journey optimisation, using visual design and content strategy to transform users into customers.

Four key skills to master for success in today's development cycle.

Creating a user-centric digital solution: prior to coding I follow these UX Design steps.

Setting digital transformation project objectives - quick tip.

Two tips on using Design Sketches in your professional workflow.

How to apply a UX Design approach to deliver solutions your client's business needs.

See more examples of project work:

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